Monday, May 9, 2011

a few words

Mothers cradle and they rock.
They coach and they soothe,
aggravate and persist,
sing and celebrate,
praise and punish,
meddle and forgive.

Mothers worry and they hope.
They confuse and they cheer,
scold and brag,
spoil and surprise,
inspect and apologize.
Mothers worry.

Mothers pray and they mourn.
They plant and they believe,
provoke and protect,
bandage and bend,
push and pick up,
Mothers cope.

And they bathe us
in their love without ceasing,
and give us room
to breathe.

Children cuddle and they coo.
Children reach and they console,
annoy and prevail,
challenge and accept,
inspire and emulate,
pray and pretend.

Children play and they create.
They celebrate and they whine.
tickle and rebel,
inspect and energize,
climb and inquire,
Children dance.

Children play and they grieve.
They doubt and make believe,
Dream and disappoint,
struggle and soar,
hide and seek,
children hope.

And they grow without ceasing,
when we give them room
to breathe.