Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sense of Wonder

I thought I had posted this. Didn't I?
Backtracking. Maybe it's better if I work backward, then forward again. Will I catch up?
Prompt: How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

By: Listening to my favorite two-year-old's giggle, coloring in the jack-o-lantern stamp on her little boyfriend's hand. Sharing my life in the purple office with Lee. Kissing my godchild, even when she doesn't want to, marveling at her sparkle. Watching my dog run through the snow (and not just today), taking pictures of the sunrise (a lot), of the peonies in my yard, of my daughter dancing with her dad in the kitchen, of my son, even when he didn't want me to. Walking the dog as he sniffs at the air, (watching him sniff at the window..why?). 

Google-ing why the bees might have stung me so many times.. (Googling anything, really)... smelling my daughter's hair when I get to see her, riding down a two-lane road in the country on the way to the beach. Absorbing Wicked (twice).  Attending the Full Frame Film Festival for the first time (but not the last).  Picking up the remnants of my son's baby blanket and storing it away, watching the dog sleep so soundly, giving him cheese when he comes after running away. Watching my son-in-law run the marathon. My son get his first career job.

Looking at a friend I have known for a lifetime and wondering just what is really on her mind. Searching for a four-leafed clover but not finding one, hearing the world for the first time in a lot of years (it is LOUD), watching my mother stir the gravy with my grandmother's spoon.Watching my Dad sleep with his dog in his lap. Cheering as my daughter learns to make my rolls. Watching my dog with his friends. Watching the weather.

Hearing the people in my church talk about God. Seeing my friend Nell bury her husband (who had Alzheimers), and listening as she celebrates the joy of doing his laundry. 

Remembering two friends who died this year, too soon. Scouring my kindergarten picture on Facebook. Reading. Anything. Absorbing the roar of the ocean in my skin. Singing a favorite hymn, too loud. Finding old friends and old boyfriends on FB. Praying with Martha and Ryan on the pew, four days before Ryan leaves for Afghanistan. Shopping for his Christmas package now that he is there, and celebrating that first phone call. And the next one. And the next.

Picking violets from the yard. (they are NOT weeds:) Listening to my mother tell the story of how she met my dad. Hearing my sister talk about why she hated first grade. Talking to Athlea, eating her biscuits. Walking the beach with my husband.Feeding worms to my bluebirds.

Holding his hand while we sleep. Celebrating 29 years. (That's an old picture!)

Watching my niece's baby bump by email. Celebrating a baptism. Praying for a friend. Discovering a friend has prayed for me. Searching for the gift of surprise. Wondering what my children are up to. Smelling potpourri.

Walking with Grace in the mornings. Questioning God. Looking at the clouds, listening to Joni Mitchell, watching GLEE. Searching the stars, the grass, the dust as it swirls through my house on a sunlit morning. 

Making my rolls. Remembering my dreams. Trying hard, to open my eyes. sbr